Devine Synchronicity

                     Devine Synchronicity 

                Rain brings forth a spring.

             The spring brings us to action.

            Action to halt the spring from 

         Ruining our “prized” possessions.

           Once “prized” now possessions 

                  In route to be donated. 

    A homeless soul springing to action

       to find a blanket to protect their 

                 “prized” possession.


                                                                           Jill Noël

Happy Monday – Make it Count!


A good friend gave me this journal (and many others) that I use daily to make each day count (in addition to keeping me organized)!  What do you do to make it count?

I am grateful for my good friends who are there for me no matter what.


Have a great Monday.

Creatively yours,

Jill Noël