Ayva’s Adventures

May 24, 2021 Very sad to say that Ayva took the walk home. You are missed more than words can express. Until we meet again… 

Ayva is crippled with erosive immune mediated poly-arthritis.  But travels a lot with owner-designer JillNoël on all of her business trips by being papoosed or carried in style in her “LouisMutton” dog carrier! When Ayva’s vet asks her if she is enjoying life she always replies with a resounding woof (insert hi-pitch bark here).  Making it count for a pup who made it count for us!


My Dearest Ayva,

There are not enough words to express what joy you have brought to our lives.  When you came into our lives in 2008 you brought immense comfort to our daughter whose high school sweet heart relationship had come to an end.  You gave her unconditional love at a time when she needed it most in her young life.   When her life took her a different direction you were there for us, her parents, to give us unconditional love and comfort in dealing with a partial empty nest.

 You were brought into this family as the smallest of three dogs and you quickly ascended to the Queen Bee of the brood.  You, the littlest, stood your ground with King our 5 year old 60+ pound German Shepard Belgian Malinois mix and Nala  a 4 year old 65+ pound plus daughter of Kings – yes kids having kids. And, you dear little one, quickly assumed your place as the alpha pack leader.  All three of you would be out in the yard and if King and Nala started barking you would literally “scream” at the top of your lungs to out bark them.  When this first happened we thought you were being injured however you were no where near them – just wanting to be heard over them.  

(To be continued………)