About Us

June 2022

Happy Summer!

We have been online since 2005 bringing wearable art to your everyday life. Now located bicoastally in two locations; in the beautiful, up and coming viticulture of Lake County, California and our newest location in the tropics of Southwest Florida. We will be fully Bicoastal by end of year 2022! So please be patient as our business goes through what it grows through.

I also am paying the gift of Optimal Health forward. Click on the menu above for Life Redesign to find out how I can help you too reach your Optimal Health!

We are so grateful to you, our loyal customers, who have helped make the dream of a successful Bicoastal Design Business come truešŸ„°

Creatively healthily yours,

Jill Noƫl

Join me in achieving your Optimal Health!