Battery Died – Dog Still Alive

Ayva has had an an incredibly tough last few days. On Thursday she was the sickest we’ve seen her since she was diagnosed with Erosive Immune-Mediated Polyarthritus in 2015. We immediately thought her disease was now resuming it’s attack on her body. We scheduled an appointment to put her out of her pain. On the way to the appointment we stopped by our daughter’s for her to say goodbye. When we went to leave our vehicle would not start and we had to reschedule her appointment. During the delay she started to perk up some and drink. Then her amazing veterinarian, Dr. Lambert of Clearlake Veterinary Clinic checked her over and gave her injectable fluids, anti nausea medicine and did blood & urine draws. PANCREATITIS is the culprit and NOT her auto-immune disease! She is now on a boiled chicken and rice diet but thankfully looks like she will be with us for awhile longer. We were NOT ready to say “goodbye” to the littlest member of our family! Moral of this story – truck battery died – Ayva is still alive! Never, never, never been so appreciative of a dead battery!!